It is Best When Practiced in Both Directions

Ink on Gel Paper – Words: Aristotle

One friend, one good, true, loyal and honest friend is all any of us really need. Someone who we can share our highs, our lows and the best and worst moments of our life. If we have this one person, no matter what anyone else says or does or tells us, we have a safe place to land and be loved. With this one friend we can be ourselves no matter how ugly or rambunctious we may feel.

I spent time with one of my friends and they provide me a safe place to be myself. I shared my challenges, they shared theirs and we comforted and encouraged each other to keep going and that we were not alone. We’ve known each other long enough to realize that we are accepted and loved when we are good, when we are bad, when we are our best self or even in our worst times. Knowing this means no matter what we are heard.

Sometimes all people need is to know that they are important, heard and cared for just as they are. Being remote, home based, buying online, doing things via remote tools is fantastic, and yet it can leave us feeling a bit cold and isolated. There is no replacement for human interaction, being listened to and being understood. Not everyone will get us so being able to spend quality time with people who know us helps us absorb that we are important, of value and worth it.

Next time you face the foe of your day, no matter what form that takes, knowing that you have somewhere to detox and be reminded that you are important and cared for helps dilute any negativity that foe may bring to the table. Maybe you don’t need it as much today as one of your friends does, so be willing to BE a friend as much as you need a friend. The best friendships are the ones where support, acceptance and listening is practiced both directions.

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