So Choose One Everyday

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Patricia Neal

We all struggle with life at one point or another. We experience bad things, find ourselves in taxing situations, and even feel up or down, right or left all within the same hour of the day. Processing through all this can feel like a moment by moment battle between ourselves and the world around us. The most effective people I know at dealing with all this work hard to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Our attitude is a choice. It impacts everything we do, everyone we meet, every situation in which we find ourselves. How we think and process it all has a powerful impact on the outcome. Seeing the glass half full, half empty or even being able to acknowledge that we just have a glass can make or break our long term survival. And doing all that is a choice, and some days it is a hard choice to maintain. We have to be willing to fight for what we want, which means letting go of the things we cannot control, leaving be the things we cannot change, and processing through to the point of acceptance the things we will live with forever. It’s again about choices.

I have multiple people I know battling cancer, sickness, mental health challenges, family strife, financial problems, lost jobs, and even having to reinvent themselves at a later stage in life. Whew! Life can be fabulous and daunting all at the same time. Choosing to hold on to a positive mental attitude – even in the midst of powerful forces working against you – means taking control of our thoughts, words and actions. Forcing us to make them all work together to support the mindset we want to maintain, despite our circumstances. When given a choice, choose positive. When trouble comes your way, choose to see the better side after having faced the darkness. And when life slips you a rotten tomato (and I hate tomatoes) deal with it and keep your attitude positive.

How to do that? Read, listen, speak and think positive things. Stop watching rotten television or reality shows filled with drama. Turn off the negative news, shutdown those awful social media posts filled with mindless gobbled de gook. Take control of what goes in and you then have a better chance of controlling what comes out. Put positive, good stuff into your thoughts and positive good thoughts will come out. Stop talking bad and speak good, stop thinking bad and think good. This is a habit to build and learn in order to build and sustain a positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude is a choice, so choose one everyday. After you do that for a while it won’t be such a hard choice, it will be your natural reaction.

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