How to Spread Happiness Across the Globe

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Mother Teresa

It is Independence Day for the US, which means we take the day to celebrate our freedoms and blessings. I was struck by this quote from Mother Teresa as we all want to make the world a better place in some way. We want our lives to matter AND in our own way we want to change the world. She made it simple for us to do that, she laid out a clear and concise plan. If you want to bring happiness to the whole world go home and love your family.

Simple enough. It may not sound heroic or courageous, complicated or majestic and yet loving your family each and every day is the best way to bring happiness to the world. Loving them with all their worts, quirks, habits, mistakes, triumphs and adventures takes will power. It isn’t always easy to love the people in our lives and yet when we do we spread happiness is ways we can never imagine.

So stop reading this, get off your computer and go love someone in your life. Spread happiness across the globe through your hugs, handshakes, support and guidance.

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