Look Forward to the Person You will Become

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Tony Robbins

I often buy art supplies not knowing how to use them. Sounds silly and yet it is the best way I know to learn how to use new techniques. Lessons help, talking to people, watching videos, and yet the best way to learn is to use them – fail, fail again, make a mess, and keep trying. The tool I utilized here to write the word frustration was a needle tipped squeeze bottle. I had to figure out how to get the ink into the tube(no instructions given) and then how to get it out without making a complete, smeared mess while writing legible lettering. It was both fun and frustration at the same time. Some of my best lessons are learned that way.

Talk to anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile, and they have stories along their journey that reveal their frustrations and how they utilized those times to get better, stronger, faster, wiser! Smart people, successful people, the ones we admire and want to emulate are the people who plow through their hard times with hard work. Being frustrated does not mean you are ill equipped to do or live the life you have chosen. It means you are doing good work and being stretched beyond your current skill set or emotional capacity, so take the opportunity to grow, learn and become someone more. If we never try new, never stretch ourselves beyond where we are today our world becomes predictable, boring and rather dull.

Frustrated with the way things are going for you right now, good! Frustration forces us to face hard things, tough times, rotten situations and traits about ourselves that we too frequently want to ignore. Being frustrated with ourselves or our situation means we want better, know there is better, and are willing to work towards living as a better version of ourselves. Nothing changes, nothing gets better if we stay safe in all that we currently know. Daring to move beyond our current circumstances places us in the arena where good things happen. Sure it takes work, and yes there will be many frustrating hours, yet the alternative of staying the way we are and never changing anything sounds horrid, dull and a bit pathetic.

Your world, your life, your well being and your emotional health are worth working through a little frustration. You will be better for it, and the world will be better for having a stronger version of you living and working each day. Take a deep breath, know it will get better, and look forward to the person you will become.

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