It Makes All Your Days That Much More Joyful

Ink on Black Mixed Media Paper – Words: Unknown

It is a holiday weekend, and we have no special plans by choice! It is nice not to have to be somewhere or do something because it is expected. We are doing what we want because it is what we want to do. Sleeping late, wearing comfortable clothes, plinking around town, shopping, eating, napping, creating, playing. And all of that on the first of a three day weekend.

We had things planned that we wanted to do; items from our to do list, things which need to get done, needed to get done soon, and which only we can do. And then realizing it was Saturday of a Holiday weekend, all those plans were forgotten and we had fun. Doing everything, doing nothing, eating what we wanted and going places which were nothing out of the ordinary. We simply had fun doing whatever. And it felt good.

This quote reminded me why today felt so good. When we spend all our days doing things from our to do list we forget to have simple fun. Just being, just doing, for no reason other than to do it, THAT can be relieve enough to bring interest back into a Saturday. Life is too short to work on to do items – work at work, work on the house, just working, and then there is always more work – sometimes there needs to be times when there is no plan. And the fact that there is no plan feels decadent, unruly, even silly knowing that the work will still be there when you get back.

Remember to have fun, the work and the responsibilities of life will be there when you get back. Put a little fun back into our days, so that there is something interesting to experience other than your everyday activities. Adding the joy back into your days makes all your days that much more joyful.

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