Be Open to The Questions of Others

Found Object Mixed Media Piece

I created this piece and have it hanging in our foyer. A few weeks ago a couple bought a large table in our gallery, and they wanted to measure a chair to make sure the table was the right height. I took them into our game room to measure a chair and the woman saw this piece. She asked me if I would give lessons on how to do this type of work. Great idea! She and two friends are joining me next month to do just that, create found object mixed media art.

I tell this story to remind us all that sometimes our best ideas come from other people asking questions. They may think of something we have not thought about, which shares with us a new enthusiasm for our work and has the power to open doors we had not even considered. If we think we know it all or have thought of everything, take a moment to share what you are doing with someone else and have them ask you questions. You will no doubt be surprised by what they ask, how that makes you think AND the powerful ideas that will be born.

No matter how smart we are none of us knows it all. When we suppress our pride and knowledge long enough to let others ask questions, amazing things happen in our world. Let me encourage you to e silent while other people talk, let them ask their questions and be open to the possibilities. Because when we do not do this, we may miss the next big thing in our world.

Tomorrow I plan to share my next big thing…

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