You Have the Power, Just Use Your Words

Metallic ink on Black Card Stock – Words: J.K. Rowling

My husband and I recently finished rewatching the entire Harry Potter movie series. It was wonderful and amazing to watch all the movies build the story, the characters and take us down adventures we had forgotten. In the last movie Dumbledore says these words to Harry, so I used them for today’s quote. Whether they were spoken in a movie filled with imagination or not, they are true for us all.

Words have power, and the ones we choose and the way we utilize them use that power for good or for harm. Some of the worst wounds anyone will ever experience are words spoken in anger, to harm and malign. Bruises and bones mend, scratches and our bodies heal, yet words haunt us forever. They are the dark moments in our lives that pop back into our consciousness at our lowest points with the power to make us feel worthless. I talk with people all the time who still tell stories from childhood about words that were spoken to them, and those words still hurt.

Words have the power to overcome anything! When someone tells us good, great, fantastic things about ourselves they sink in, and they battle in our brain to be believed over the words spoken for harm. It is the words we give the most space to, the most credence, the most power that will control more than we realize. If we choose to believe the wonderful then we begin to act as if we are wonderful. If we choose to believe the bad things then we struggle to believe we can do good. Once planted the seeds of words grow and control us which means we have to exert the willpower to only water and nurture the best we have been told. And there is lies the daily challenge.

It is easier to believe the bad things than the good things. And yet no one said being a grown up would be easy. It is a battle everyday to hear the good, speak positive and use words that lift people up instead of using words for harm. Words are magical, powerful and life giving. We just have to choose and believe the good ones.

So go forth, sprinkle some magical words of hope, life and joy within the paths you travel today. Stomp out those bad words and choose to bring life, believe life, and build your life upon words that will remedy anything. You have the power, just use your words!

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