Give Adventure a Shot

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Paulo Coelho

We all grew up with out parents telling us to be careful, drive safe, watch your step, be safe. They told us these things out of love and concern, maybe never realizing that they were teaching us to play it safe. Safety is indeed a big thing, it needs to be top of mind in all we do. Yet, there is a however. Playing it safe does not always get us what we want, where we want or push us beyond our safety zone. Living life in safety and comfort does not leave much room for ingenuity, innovation, and pushing the limits. It may feel safe yet it is also lethal!

My husband and I have been out of town this week, and it was great! We spent time in places we did not know, with people who were new to us, and we got lost, got found, and were amazed by all we were able to experience. We ate new foods, traveled into small towns and began building relationships with new people. We are exhausted, excited and exhilarated all at the same time.

Every once in a while we have to toss safety to the wind and do something dangerous. We have to face the unknown and hope for the best. We have to go places we have never been in order to learn things we have never known. We need to press past the place where we KNOW it all and live dangerously. Our pulse quickens, our forehead begins to sweat, we feel a new sense of awareness and our energy level kicks into high gear. Suddenly our inner super hero comes to life and we are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or at least it feels that way. We willingly leave the barriers of our comfort zone and leap at the chance to go where we have never gone before. We feel unstoppable and are willing to keep going no matter what our love of routine tells our soul.

It is when we are so comfortable that we are unable to imagine life any other way, that is when we need to inject a little change, a little danger in our routine. For it is really our comfort that will kill us by numbing us into a false sense of safety and security. No one accomplishes anything without a little danger, without breaking their routine and giving adventure a shot. So let me encourage YOU to give adventure a shot!

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