A Place to Call Home

Ink on Sketch Paper – Words: Wendy Wonder

The places where we live, our homes, they support us, change us and provide a safe place to land. After having spent a great deal of time in our homes during the global pandemic, sometimes the best thing about home is leaving it. The moment when your hand leaves the door and then move forward in your adventures it feels fantastic; it means a great deal to have somewhere to leave and fun places to go. It also means the world to have a safe place to return to when we are tired after our adventures.

We’ve been traveling and are looking forward to being back home. Sometimes leaving is the best way to appreciate what you have waiting for you when you walk back through your own front door. I would wish for you this same experience, so maybe leaving for an afternoon or a few days will help you gain back the perspective of appreciation for having a place to call home.

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