We All Need Help Killing Gnats

I spilled hot chocolate on a piece of paper, and my friend was having a tough day. So I found these wise words from George Carlin, humorous and truthful at the same time. I put the words and the splatters together and this piece was the end result.

Sometimes we spend way too much time focusing on the wrong things, which means that the things end up occupying way too much space in our lives. George reminds us to not sweat the petty things. You know, those things that don’t really matter in the long run. I had a mentor who told me once that it isn’t the elephants in life that kill you, it’s the gnats…gnats being the small, annoying, petty things of life. If you see an elephant running towards you, you know what is about to happen. When a gnat buzzes around your ears you never know how much that will drive you crazy until you can’t make it stop.

I shared this piece with my friend who was having the tough time, and she laughed. She thanked me for sending her words that reminded her about how to control her perspective. We all need to remember how to do that because it is our perspective which determines our thoughts, and our thoughts determine our actions. Control our perspective and our actions and appropriate words will follow. It is when we let the petty gnats of life control our reactions that drama, frantic filled, uncharacteristic words and actions result. Some days you simply need help killing those darn gnats!

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