Passions, Bloopers and Fears…Oh My!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Grace Helbig

Our oldest great nephew is graduating from high school today. He is the valedictorian and we are more proud than words can express. So what words do you give a teenager in this day and age about what lies ahead? What concepts can you impart that will help them navigate their future? I found this quote and thought these words pertained to this special day, and to the lives we all live no matter how long it is since we had a celebration in our honor.

This quote reminds us all that we need to celebrate our bloopers – how true! Because guess what, there will be bloopers of all shapes and sizes. There will be blunders, flub ups, mistakes and major whoopsie-daisies! There will be mismanaged things, poorly handled relationships, bad decisions, and even the occasional dumb luck. It happens to the best of us, the worst of us, even those who do nothing much have experience all this. So learn from it, learn to deal with it, then move on.

And follow your fear? What? That doesn’t sound very encouraging, and yet we all know it does. Because it is when we face our fears, stare them straight in the eye and do that thing we are afraid to do anyway, THAT is when we become more ourselves than we knew possible. Advising a young man, facing college and living away from home, that bloopers and fear will come is a great way to ease the future lessons we all know are on the horizon. By starting him with passion, reminding him there will be bloopers, and helping him understand that he becomes the man he wants to be by facing his fears, what other advice can we give?

He knows he is loved, smart, capable, and that we have his back. He knows how to do laundry, handle money, drive a car, study. He knows how to make and keep friends, problem solve, be kind, giving and how to share. He knows who he is, what he likes, and what he wants to study. So let this quote – filled with passion, bloopers, and fear – set the stage for his years of learning and life ahead.

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