Coloring in a Car Dealership Does Wonders

I saw this sign in a home decor store. I liked the thought hated the layout, so I took a picture and created a piece for today’s post. I am actually sitting in a car dealership waiting for my vehicle to be serviced. I decided to use the time wisely. I brought two different types of sketch books and a set of new pens my bonus daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. I had fun testing and trying each pen to see how it would react to the two different sketch books.

Life gets busy, which means our commitments and priorities have a way of slipping and shifting like a kindergartner on a playground slide. To live up to what we want and what we have committed to complete, we often have to think ahead and keep busy. Like bringing art supplies to a car dealership to get out your daily post. It may mean we look unconventional and strange, yet who cares? This is our life, our shot, our chance to do what we want with the time and elements we have been given. If we stop doing for fear of what other people think, then it is as if we are willing to live our lives on thin ice waiting for things to crack apart.

There will always be people who do not understand. There will always be those who do not see your worth. AND, there will always be times when what you say, do or want does not fit into the normal box. So what? This quote reminded me that I need to be my own best cheerleader and champion no matter the situation or circumstances. I have to be willing to say and do what advocates for my own life and choices, no matter what anyone else thinks. And that concept is easy to speak and write, often harder to live out when life gets frantic.

So today if you feel or experience people who do not see your value, let it go. Let them have their wrong opinions, you be sure to be your own best advocate. Be the commander of your world and plan ahead, take advantage of situations and turn them to your advantage. Coloring in a car dealership does wonders for one’s self worth!

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