Take a Swing No Matter What

Ink on Handmade paper – Pablo Neruda

Last week was number fifteen in our fifty week calligraphy challenge. It was quite a week, which meant it took me longer than normal to create a response to the prompt. We were given the poem Dazzle the Day by Pablo Neruda and asked to do anything influenced by his words. I found this paper scrap my husband and I created in a workshop we took several years ago. We used Katazome and Batik techniques to decorate the handmade rice paper, and I used several different inks for the lettering. The verse I chose reads:

‘The full moon leaving its calling card in the foliage’

I pasted the scrap to black card stock and used a book press to get it to lay flat.

I think we all have weeks that feel like a month, and days that feel like years. The to do items pile on, then stack up which means we may not have time to do the things we really want. It can feel overwhelming and as if time and tide are against you. That is when we need to take a deep breathe and go with the flow. Do the easy things, the chore like things to get them off your plate. Then you can focus on the important things, the quality demanding things, those to do items that only you can do. Before you know it the list has dwindled and progress is being made.

Life throws us some pretty hefty curve balls. Some we hit and some we miss. The import part is to always stand tall and do our best and swing no matter what. Giving up only means we miss every chance to succeed. So don’t give up. You may just surprise yourself at what you can do!

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