It is Time to Seek Betterment not Bitterness

Opaque ink on Black card stock – Words: Marcus Aurelius

All of us have suffered injuries in our personal and professional lives. Anger, insult, pain, humiliation and even minimization. No matter what we suffered or when or how, the thought of getting “them” back nips at our heels every now and then. The thought of dishing them back a bit of what we suffered through is tantalizing. It holds a certain appeal to be able to make them feel the way they made us feel. When in reality revenge is just like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. By seeking revenge we are the one who suffers most.

I like the way this quote turns revenge on it’s head. Instead of seeking harm for them, seek betterment for ourselves. Make our life such a living example of hope, praise, joy, peace and successful relationships that we look NOTHING like them at all. If the time comes when they see us again they won’t even recognize us as we have grown, matured, prospered and have no resemblance to them at all. Hee hee! The sweet joy of silent victory! With all that the other benefits are endless. Being able to look ourselves in the mirror knowing we did not stoop to their level. We rose above and grew beyond what we or they could have imagined. Being able to be proud of our life and choices and knowing we took great steps to do no one else a similar harm to the one we experienced.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Sounds tough too. Our human nature can be hard to turn off. When we’ve been wronged we want justice. When someone has hurt someone we love we want to hurt them ten times more. An eye for an eye…and the whole world would be blind. So let us take today’s quote to heart and build ourselves better, stronger and wiser than revenge could ever provide. Let us be the better people by actually working to be better people. Living with personal respect and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams is fabulous. Let revenge be for someone else, not us. We are willing to do the work that profits everyone when we rise above and better ourselves. After all, success is the best revenge. So go be a successful you and let everything else go.

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