Remember, A Day Above Ground is a Good Day!

Ink on Scrap Pastel paper – Words we All Utter!

These words are ones that have been on my lips a great deal this week. I am off my regular writing schedule and working back into it. We have had sick people, sick dogs, sick cats, sick appliances and it all seemed to hit at once…like life seems to do! And today (fingers crossed) we have some construction beginning for the summer.

All that being said, these are first class problems. No one is hungry, homeless, in peril or unhealthy. We have food in our stomachs and clean beds each night. We have each other, a beautiful place to live, creative outlets and people who love us. We are intelligent, have money in the bank, work to do and people who need us. Being busy or frazzled, overwhelmed by life circumstances and/or work may feel harrowing and yet in reality these are nice problems to have. They are temporary, they mean things are progressing, and they mean we have things going on that make it all very interesting around here.

Sometimes though, you just need to say, “Whew!” Say it loud, say it often, even say it multiple times in a row. Somehow taking a deep breathe and releasing all that pent up “stuff” helps. It also helps to step back and have a reality check. Putting things into perspective reminds us that a life worth living is not always an easy, simple life. Sometimes our endeavors overlap, collide and cause a bit of unwanted chaos in the rest of our world. And is it REALLY chaos when we see countries at war, people starving or homeless, families in strife or people we love suffering injuries? Perspective allows us to SEE that our choices brought us here, our options made things interesting and our attitude is what is going to keep us moving forward.

So if you are having one of those days, give yourself the freedom to say, “WHEW!” Say it loud, often and in repetition. Take a deep breathe and give yourself a break. This too shall pass, it may feel like a kidney stone while it all moves along, and yet it will pass. Quiet, routine days are in your future. Hold on, get perspective and be thankful for the tings in your life that are happening. You could be dead…remember a day above ground is a good day!

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