Heed Wisdom

Ink on ripped paper bag – Words: Thomas Paine

Our character is built in small increments, invisible acts, by being and acting as the person we say we are even when no one is looking. Time helps us cement and solidify our character; poor decisions and bad choices tear our character to shreds. Thomas Paine is right here, character is easier kept than recovered. Once dented our character takes ten time longer to repair and rebuild if ever.

Our mistakes and sketchy actions are what we eventually regret, then when other people are impacted by our foibles our character is harmed. People have the ability to understand when we ask for forgiveness and ask for a second chance; however, people often never forget those let downs and find it difficult to trust us completely again. It is only with consistent behaviors and actions over a long period of time that we are able to rebuild and gain trust back. All this is that cautionary tale that reminds us to think long and hard before doing something we may regret. Once done things cannot be undone and the journey to building and repairing begins.

I have this nagging voice in my head. You know, the one that tells you to bring an umbrella when the sun is shining and you choose to ignore it. Then the bottoms falls out and buckets of water pelt you as you walk to your car, and you wonder why you didn’t listen to that little voice. We think we are all knowing, all seeing, when it is that little voice tickling our senses because IT knows all and is trying to help. Wisdom teaches us to listen to that voice, arrogance tells us we know better. Wisdom helps us keep our character in tact, arrogance ALWAYS leaves a blemish. Real learning occurs when we heed wisdom and let arrogance fall to the wayside.

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