Rain, Leftovers and Nothing to Wear

Ink on Blue Tinted Watercolor Paper – Words: Tom Barrett

It is pouring rain, I mean p o u r i n g! I know this will help bring about a beautiful Spring, it just feels like some rainy days it is more tolerable than others. When I was hunting for a text to calligraphy, this one hit me between the eyes. Perspective. What is a spoiler for one is life saving for another. So I put away my pouty rain thoughts and gave thanks for it on behalf of the farmers.

We have people in our family who are farmers or support farmers. It is a VERY tough life, one for which most of us would never survive. Farming means early mornings, early bedtimes, routine chores and life dependent activities. There are not long vacations nor many opportunities to nap. Each day can feel like the same as the day before, and WE are the beneficiaries of all that tiresome activity. The foods we eat and drink are all products that a farmer patiently tended day after day. From their fields to our table, their energy and efforts bring us life. So when it rains I will let these words remind me that my complaints are rather ‘self’ motivated.

As I waited for the ink to dry, I thought about another great reminder this quote provides. For me it was that there is more than one side to issues, problems, complaints, even happiness. Not much in life is one dimensional. Most things require that we dig a bit deeper and think hard about how what is a problem for us would be a welcomed relief from someone else. “Leftovers again?” What about those who do not have enough food for a first meal let alone enough to eat it again another day? “I have nothing to wear!” What about those who do not have more than one change of clothes? They are homeless or on the run for their safety and only have the clothes on their back. “Not another meeting!” What about those who are unemployed or under employed and cannot live the life they want due to the paycheck they do or do not receive? Perspective, it is all about perspective. Our complaint or annoyance may bring joy, life or even satisfaction to someone not living a life like our own.

Be it rain, leftovers, nothing to wear or another meeting or the life of a Farmer…perspective. Let us give thanks for our lives, our abundance and even the things that we complain about. Once we put it all into perspective do we REALLY have many problems?

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