Your World is Worth it

Ink on Scrap paper- Words:Abraham Lincoln

Good ole Abe reminding us that putting things off does not make them go away. I type this as I am waiting on a family member who is getting a routine medical procedure, one we all put off. It’s no fun taking care of ourselves all the time. Sometimes we just want to do and eat, indulge and enjoy whatever we want. Doing that too often and too long eventually catches up with us. When we neglect our mental and physical health we face our own poor choices somewhere down the road.

Getting old is not for sissies! It is a process, one filled with choices that are not always what we want and yet are best for our well being. Our mental state – relaxation, peace of mind, anxiety, fear, joy and hopes – all play into how our days unfold before us. Leave out a few too many mental health moments and eventually we have no mental health. This one is easy to forget. A nap, a quiet walk, playing with your pet, chatting with a friend, hugging someone or even just sitting still ALL make our days better. They are important elements that contribute to who we are as well as how we feel.

I had not planned to write about this today. Yet as I sit watching people of all shapes and sizes walk in and out of a medical facility, I am reminded that when we have our health we have everything. And our health is built or destroyed by choices we make each and every day. So today choose to deal with your mind, your body and your soul in very purposeful and positive ways. Know that you are important enough to do good things for each and every day. You need you, others need you, people are learning and developing their own habits by watching what you do. Do good for you today, then do good again tomorrow. Your world is worth it.

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