Choose What You Are Going to Spread

Various Elements on Handmade Paper – Words: Charles Schwab

For week eleven in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were asked to share one word that we embody or embrace. I instantly knew my word – enthusiasm. My husband says if I had a super power it would be enthusiasm. So I sat at my work table and had fun. I grabbed any and everything I could reach, working to include all sorts of tools and textures. Next to each letter I included the tool(s) I utilized to create the letter, then added a small quote at the bottom to tie it all together. Needless to say I was VERY enthusiastic about this one.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Fear is contagious. Most anything is contagious, so if you see it, hear it, live or work with it enough you will catch it. Why not bring to your life and the lives of others something they will want to catch? Something like enthusiasm, joy, excitement or passion. There is one word your life embodies- a word or phrase you may not realize – and everywhere you go it follows and infects those in your path. If you’re not sure of your word ask someone who will be honest with you. Someone who has the guts to tell you the REAL word not the one they think you want to hear. you may be surprised by the word.

Once you have your word, is that the word you want? Or is it how you’ve been for so long that you’re not sure you know any other way? If it is the right word then by all means spread it around, assuming it is something you want to spread around AND be known for spreading. If you find out the word and it is not what you want to spread, how open are you to changing in order to embody a more positive word? We have the choice in HOW and WHAT we embody, we are not victims, we have power. We can be a force for good or a force for something else. We choose each and every day what we are going to spread.

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