Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Opaque ink on Black Card Stock – Words: James Burrell

I have a friend who is very creative. She has the ability to see textures and possibilities in all sorts of places. We were shopping once and she picked up a plastic gripper for baking and said, “Voila!” I knew she liked cooking but didn’t understand why she was so excited about this particular glove. I think she could tell by the look in my face that I was confused. She turned over the glove and showed me the textured interior and explained that she wanted to cut it into smaller pieces and use them in her gel printing to build up dimensions in her pieces. AHA! I got it. She saw possibilities in something she found that I couldn’t see.

THAT is what this quote is all about. Being able to not only find things but to be able to then turn them into something else. It is the “turning” part that shows our real creativity. Anyone could have picked up that glove and admired the textures, my friend took it one step further and bought the glove then used it that week in her work. We all talk about doing things, it is those of us who actually DO THINGS that demonstrate how creativity works.

I have a coaching client who does marketing, and he “sees” things in his company that could be improved or revamped to bring more business. He is in the process of designing that campaign and moving forward to grow their sales. That is creativity at work. Seeing with what is right in front of you, changing it and rearranging it to do something new or different to move things forward. I very much appreciate people who are willing to not only see but to act in order to put their creative side to good use.

We are all creative in something. It may be art, it may be business, it may be baking or printing or even shopping! When we tell ourselves “I’m not creative” we are denying our own potential AND leaving remarkable ideas to die on the vine. You may be the only one who “sees” the potential, which means you have the opportunity to be creative like no one else. Take a chance and try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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