It Is Also Our Choice!

Paper Scrap & Opaque Ink on Black Card Stock – Words: William Arthur Ward

What is the only constant in life? It sounds cliche, yet it is true. The only real constant in life is change. Change can bring about wonderful, new and dramatic ideas that improve our lives beyond our own imaginations. Change can also take away the things we have relied upon for decades and then demand of us a foreign way of living. This quote reminded me that change brings both sides of things into perspective.

Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or dusk.

-William Arthur Ward 1994

Change can be messy, cleansing, dramatic and slow. Change will ask of us to rethink and rearrange everything and at the same time allow us to pick and choose what we want. Change is hard and easy, miraculous and frustrating. Change is inevitable and comes without ever asking our permission. Sure we can avoid it and let it pass us by, leaving elements of our world in tact. And yes, we have the option everyday to revolutionize our lives if we are simply open to letting changes take hold and drag us forward. The common element in all change is how we choose to look at it.

As the seasons begin to exhibit signs of the next season moving in, let us be reminded that change may only be for a certain period of time. Flowers come and flowers die back, birds build nests then leave them until next time. We too may be facing changes that will be here for a while, until they become the norm or time asks us to change again. Life is cyclical on purpose. While some things change many things stay the same. These cycles allow us to adapt and move with the changes while leaving a few things in tact for us to firmly stand on and relax. No matter where you are in terms of change, choose to embrace it and let it flow. Life is all about change and the sooner we accept it and understand that even the dusk helps us appreciate the first glimpse of morning light, the sooner we are able to progress towards our next day of sunshine.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a few days of sunshine in a row. I am ready for the next season to arrive and remind us that a prize awaits at the end and beginning of each change. All we have to do it choose to appreciate all that change provides. Live is about change indeed, it is also our choice in how we receive the gifts change brings our way.

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