Today Desperation May be Your Best Friend!

Marbled Scrap Paper with Gel ink – Words: Tony Robbins

Some days I find myself stumped to create a piece of art. There seems to be no motivation or ideas flowing. What to do? Usually I dig into my scrap box to see if anything strikes my fancy, and this piece of paper I Marbled several years ago dropped onto the floor. It was an experiment and I like the colors, so I went with it. Once I cut it into three sections I was on my way.

I like these words from Tony Robbins because they remind us that not everything good begins with rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes the best ideas or work comes out of desperation, pure pressure or even fear. The need to get things done forces us into a desperate state which give us no other option than to get busy and do the work. We may be in this situation of our own creation, we may have been given a short deadline, or we may have procrastinated it all. However we got here, the desperation of it all forces us to action.

Action cures fear. Doing something, anything, moves us from fear into get it done mode which eventually overcomes or paralyzes the thoughts of fear and dread and turns them into ideas, solutions and sometimes our best work. It is amazing to be inspired, it is even more astonishing when inspiration is no where to be found and desperation fills that need. Either way we produce and often overcome the log jam that was created by the thoughts in our head to find ourselves working well and doing good things.

Maybe today is the day you need to be desperate. Maybe the pressure has built up enough that your options are gone and work is the only course of action. Okay then, just get busy. Sit down, gather your tools and do the work. Knock it out, cross those items off your lists and end in exhaustion combined with personal satisfaction. Who cares HOW you go it done, just get it done. Stop waiting for the perfect conditions to mystically appear, for you to “feel” like doing it, or hoping that circumstances will change, just take a deep breath and do it! Today desperation may be your best friend! You know, the one that will help you change your flat tire at 4am, the one who shows up just when you need them most. Embrace your desperation and get the job done.

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