Pick Up a Different Crayon

Opaque, Gel Ink on Black Card Stock + Paper Towel Scraps – Words: Rupaul

We all have our favorite things to eat, do collect, even favorite places to visit and shop. We build routines into our lives for lots of reasons, most of which revolve around comfort and familiarity. Being able to count on things makes the chaos of regular life a bit more palatable.

These words remind us that there is a whole box of crayons at our disposal and life is made better when we tap in and use them all! I know we all have our favorites, and yes they bring us joy. What if today you picked up a different crayon and approached a regular thing with a new color, a new perspective, maybe even a broadened thought process? If we always do the same thing then we shouldn’t be surprised when we always get the same result.

Using a different crayon means we have to be willing to learn by trying something out of our wheel house. It may mean listening to someone else who may have a different perspective or an opinion that counters our own. Their ideas may enhance or even challenge our usual way of doing things, which can be a good thing and a frustrating thing. We all need people who push us to be better. We may be excellent at what we do, however everyone has room for improvement. If we always use the same crayon then our stuff will always be the same.

Let today be the day you pull out those unused tools or experiences in the variety pack that is life. You might find a wonderful new idea or experience that makes everything else in your world even better.

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