Be Bold, Be Creative & Share It

Opaque ink, Watercolors & Sharpies on Handmade paper

It is week eight in our fifty week challenge, and the prompt was Ashley Bryan ( He was an artist and illustrator and we were asked to be inspired by his work. He used bold colors and lots of textures, so I found these words and wanted the word courage to reflect his style:

A great deal of talent is lost to this world for the want of a little courage.

-Sydney Shirley 1845

I had an idea in my head and this is not exactly what I had pictured. In the past I might have made a second attempt, yet this one took me a while so no go. Sometimes ya’ just have to get the job done and move on. Make the courageous choice to do it – even if it isn’t perfect or your idea of done – and keep going.

I agree with these words, as we paint a picture of what art is supposed to be which leaves many creative people feeling less than. There is no right or wrong, just created, and no one person defines what is or is not good enough. It takes courage to share work that is not perfect, be it at work, at home, or even in our areas of service. We want to give our best, for it to be superior and sometimes all that is needed is the job completed. Nothing and no one is perfect all the time. Having the courage to do the work AND share the work no matter what opens us up to skeptics and critics, and our own personal inner thoughts that are enough to keep us drooling.

Next time you ask someone to do a job, spoon in a little encouragement along the way. Too much vitality and talent is lost in this world because courage can be hard to muster. It takes courage to ask for help, seek guidance, redo something or even share your efforts with others. Be bold, be creative, get comfortable living in your style AND have the courage to share it with others.

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