Have Faith in What You Don’t Know

Opaque & Gel Ink on Black Card Stock – Words: Anonymous

Confidence in nonsense, interesting phrase. If something is nonsense then how in the world are we expected to have any feeling of confidence in it? And what does having confidence in something nonsensical have to do with creativity? As I was writing out the text for this piece I had these questions bouncing around my head.

Then the light bulb went on and I had a glimpse into what it meant. Being able to have confidence in what seems silly, unrealistic or nonsense means we have the capacity to go beyond where we are now to create things outside of our own thought processes. In other words, blow up what you know and have faith in what you don’t know. Dare to think silly, unrealistic and nonsense things in order to create. Things like self driving cars, banking via a cell phone, an invisible ‘network’ that connect the world’s ideas and people, or even food grown without dirt or translating a foreign language by holding your cell phone up to the text. These are the ideas Jules Verne would have been flabbergasted to imagine let alone use in real life.

The best ideas come out of insane, nonsensical and absolutely mad ideas. People have them all the time, unfortunately not everyone has the courage to share them out loud. Their environment, lack of confidence, or even the people involved often prevent fantastic ideas from bubbling to the surface. So not only is it important to have confidence in nonsense, we have to create an environment where nonsense is a daily part of our thinking processes. Which also requires that we admit what we don’t know, have confidence that our own ignorance is a positive thing, AND believe that not knowing is the best place to start.

Spend time today in a place, space, with people who allow you to share your nonsense. Get those big, fantastic, unrealistic ideas out there for the world to see and hear. Have confidence that if not this idea, another one that will grow even bigger and better. Your best work is waiting for you to release your creativity and let her rip!

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