Do One Thing For Yourself

Ink and colored pencil on Toned Watercolor paper – Words: Henry Matisse

It snowed at our house and the ground is a beautiful white. It is quiet, cold and a great day to do those things you have avoided doing. Cleaning up, clearing out or tackling those nagging to do items that have been left half finished over the months. One thing, that’s all it takes. Doing one thing, getting it done and looking back on a job well done can make such a difference in our mental spaces.

It is strange how our mind can play tricks on us. One day it tells us we are invincible and the next we are struggling to take out the trash. The one thing I have learned that cuts through all the fog and complacency is getting something done. Be it the laundry, a household task, a work to do item or simply a fun thing on the list that keeps getting pushed aside. Doing something to the end has a way of dissipating our mental fog and turning on our positive thought processes. A good day’s work has the power to change everything, especially when we are benefitted by the end result.

We are important enough to do the things we want to get done even if they are only for ourselves. Most of us spend our days doing work and things for others. What if today you did one thing for yourself? One thing that you think is important and means something to you? Relieve that internal pressure valve by finishing one thing to make you feel better. Then when that one thing is done, do another. Before you know it those “me centric” to do items will be finished and your mental spirits will be lifted. You are worth it, worthy and a great investment of your own time and energy.

As we wade through the snow, fog, myriad lists of to do items and endless things we do for others, today is a good day to put in a good day’s work for what we want and need to get done. The snow will melt, the rain will bring Spring and more things will need to be accomplished. Let today be the day you do one thing for yourself. Invest in you, it’s a really great investment.

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