How Far Your Genuine Efforts Reach

Sumi ink & Gel Pen on Mystery Rice Paper – Words: Napoleon Hill

I found this piece of paper in my scrap box and have no idea what kind of rice paper it could have been. I must have created the background and put it aside because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Like this quote reminds us we have to give before we get. Sometimes we have to give up before we are able to move forward. It seems counter intuitive yet it is truly the way things work.

I once heard it said that life is like a bank account, you have to put money in before you can withdraw any funds. You must have ideas, inspiration and thoughts in order to build dreams. You need to be a friend before you have friends. You have to work at being a follower before you understand how it works to be a leader. In all aspects of life we have to be willing to give before we get. It is when we forget this principle that we get into trouble.

I spoke to a woman this week who was angry. She was tired of always being the one who had to go first. Give, be kind, follow, even be a friend. She wanted others to do that for her, she thought she deserved to be treated better. I brought up the principle of the bank account and asked her how her balance was looking. She was silent for a few minutes then very humbly said she knew what I meant. She admitted that she always gave expecting an equal or greater return. No return, no giving. We then talked about how it is not a tit for tat system in that we do not always get back something of equal or greater value that can be measured. Eventually there is a balance on which we can withdraw yet that is not the reason to give, be kind or be a friend. If equity is our expectation then we may find ourselves, like this woman, rather disappointed.

It is when we give freely or are a good friend because it is the right thing to do THAT is the compounding interest of relationships and success. The bank balance builds and we grow into a better version of ourselves by doing the right thing to become, not to be served. People can tell when the motive is selfish or reciprocation is expected. Anyone can do things that way, and lots of people do. Like the woman I spoke to they are often disappointed in the end result. ONLY when we give freely, build up ourselves, our talents and our skills by serving others are we then rewarded with outcomes that defy the laws of math or science. I call it the ripple effect. Put in and watch where the ripples go because in the end you may be surprised how far your genuine efforts reach beyond your expectations.

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