Because One Always Follows the Other

Ink on Scrap Mystery Paper

The snow here in Georgia is mostly gone. The only white spots on the ground are where the sun rarely shines. The bulbs are getting taller and peeping out of the dirt reaching for the sunshine. Our dogs came inside this morning after playing around and their paws were covered in mud…digging for some stirring creatures no doubt. Winter here only lasts a couple days at a time, so when it is here, visible and changes our daily routine we pay attention. This time next month flowers will be close to blooming and the birds will be making nests.

If we had no Winter the Spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

-Anne Bradstreet 1672

It is true that Winter days make Spring so much more pleasant. By feeling cold and seeing the ground covered in white we renew our appreciation for warm afternoons and sunshine. The same holds true for boring days at work, menial chores around the house, and uneventful dinners with friends. Not every day or every event will be a show stopper. Not ever moment in front of your computer screen will be awe inspiring. And not everyday will your thoughts and dreams prevent you from sleeping due to excitement. Most of our life is lived within these regular Winter days.

We need Winter days – boring, dull, regular, quiet, maybe even uneventful – to remind us that special things are indeed special AND worth the wait. Winter days give us the gift of perspective, the gift of cold, the blessing that is believing things will get better in time. Without these days we could not experience and fully rejoice in the renewal that is Spring. No Matter how today felt we can believe that tomorrow provides the hope of a new day, a renewed belief, and the idea that endless possibilities are just within our grasp. Adversity has that same effect. It provides a necessary counterpoint to prosperity. Ice cream eaten on a warm, Spring day tastes better than when it is eaten each and every day in Winter. Going without helps us appreciate when we experience surplus. Life is about understanding and managing our thoughts, emotions and feelings in both the Winter and Spring because one always follows the other.

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