CMC: Episode 5 – To Brighten My Day

CMC: Episode 5: A Friend Brighten’s My Day

It is week two in our fifty week calligraphy challenge and the prompt was to use a website that provides random letter writing prompts. No matter how many ‘prompts’ I had the website generate none of them made sense. So I chose to find random another way. I had a friend visiting today for a “Play Date” and I gave her a ziplock bag. I went upstairs and she put a tool, paper, a word including parameters into that bag…random there ya’ go! It because episode five in my CMC: Calligraphy Meets Chopped Challenge. This video shows what I found in the bag and what I did with it all.

Sometimes we get instructions or assignments that make no sense. The instructions are not clear, the outcome is not defined, and worst of all no one else can make any sense of it either. We find ourselves on our own and no where to hide. Sure we can quit, or, we can find another way to accomplish the task. These are the moments when we have to get creative. These are the moments when we have to be willing to and manage the outcome of our actions. And these are the moments on which we often look back and realize a turning point came and went and found us up for the challenge.

These are also the moments when we need to have people around us on which we can rely. They will tell us the truth, they will call us onto the carpet is we need that, and they will support us no matter the outcome. If we have not spent time developing those kinds of friendships and comrades before we face the challenge then we may find ourselves wanting and alone wondering what happened. To have a friend we need to first be a friend. To be able to solicit a true opinion we must have cultivated an environment where we have shared and listened to someone else. And to get help when we need it we had to provide help when it was needed. Today I was stumped, I needed help and my friend was there to brighten my day.

You know it’s a good day when you make a request and the people who love and care about you deliver. These are the days when allowing people to know you, know your need and help the best way they can makes being a human worth while. Thanks Laurel, you rascal! She put a surprise in the bag and it pressed me to go further and be creative. THAT’s what friends are for.

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