Flowers and Babies Would be Proud of You

Sumi ink & Gel Pen on Marbled Paper – Words: Quentin Crisp

I live in Georgia and the jonquil bulbs have already begun peaking out of the ground. I found one that was blooming in our back yard. It is nature’s way of reminding us that Winter will end and Spring is in process. On these dark, cold, dreary days we need that reminder. We need to see evidence that what we are experiencing now is not how it will always remain, time changes things and flowers provide that evidence.

I liked this quote because flowers do have a way of impacting us that we do not always acknowledge. They bring a message that even a baby understands. I had a friend received flowers at her office, yes she went into her office a couple days a week. The fact that she got flowers, at her workplace, during a time when no one really wanted to be in the office, all of that made her feel invincible! She used that word to describe her reaction when the arrangement sat on her desk. The flowers were not elaborate, expensive or even that unique. What was important was that that gift gave her the sense that SHE was important. She was worthy, special, and worth the investment. She said it changed her perspective from one of drudgery to hope.

Maybe the greatest gift flowers bring us is hope. They grow and flower without asking our permission or approval. They bring color, texture and life to an otherwise boring space. And flowers are themselves no matter what is going on around them. If they are a daisy, they are the best daisy they can be. If they are a rose they flower and bring thorns no matter what anyone else thinks. And if they are big or small, white or colorful, flowers are what they were meant to be. They do not care what other people think, they do what they do best and do it proudly every year, day in and day out.

What lessons we can learn from flowers. Being true to ourselves everyday, being what we were meant to be no matter what anyone else thinks, and doing it without asking for permission, approval or even knowing what people think. Because what other people think doesn’t really matter. What matters is what you think, how you feel, and having pride in bringing to the table to skills, talents and ideas only you can deliver. So go find some flowers to admire and enjoy and then make your day one that flowers and babies would be proud of you for living.

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