Cherish Them While They are Here

Gel pen and n mixed media paper- Words:Jacques Delille

One of my nieces cooked her first turkey yesterday for Friendsgiving. It looked beautiful. I was so proud of her and remember how it felt to have friends over in my first home. Cooking, gathering, having fun in your own place makes you feel so grown up.

Along life’s journey people come and go in our lives. Some people like the family we are born into will be in our lives no matter what. Other people like teachers, bosses or even some friends are in our lives for a season, a purpose, to instill in us what only they can provide. They help us through a time, a struggle or provide the knowledge we will need to be our best, future self.

Life blesses us with family and gifts us with the family we choose which is our friends. If you have one friend, one true, trusted, and loyal friend you are blessed beyond measure. In a world that forces us to live busy, frantic lives it is the people we choose to be around that lift us to our best self, and those people are family and our chosen family our friends.

The important lesson I learned over the years is that not all people stay in our lives forever. That is not always a thing to mourn, it means they and we have grown or moved into a different place or stage in life. They blessed us with what they had and moved on to give that same gift to someone else. They will always be a blessing we treasure and we will always know they helped us become who we are today.

Give thanks for the friends and family who helped you become your best self. And continue the giving process by bringing that same generosity to the people in your life now. We never know when someone will move in or out of our lives so we need to cherish them while they are here.

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