Stacking Your Ideas Like Christmas Ornaments

Ink & Gel pen on Toned Watercolor – Words: Jim Hightower

How may times have we tried doing something over again because we were unhappy with it, only to realize that we were making the same mistakes each time? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? I giggled when I read this quote as it reminded me of those days of insanity.

First of all we have to do something. Whether it is work related, home related, friends or community related, action is the key. We have to be doing something for our best work to rise to the top. If that doesn’t work, do something else…no idea is a crazy idea. If you knew that you couldn’t fail, wouldn’t lose, what would you do? What hair-brained idea that has been stuck in the corner of your mind would you attempt to bring to life? YOU CAN’T FAIL, so going for it means you will be successful. What would you do?

Funny how our practical side kicks in and begins to punch holes in this one. “Of course there is a risk of failure, there is always a risk.” Or the ever classic one, “That’s unrealistic, that will never happen.” And then the what ifs begin to pop up. “What if I couldn’t fail, what would I do?” The sad part isn’t our self doubt, the sadness is realizing there is no idea in your head you would want to pursue. Nothing comes to mind…bummer!

It means we haven’t given ourselves the freedom to dream, imagine or to let our creativity loose. We gave up before we even got started, which is worse than insanity, it is guaranteed failure. We let our ideas die because we were afraid or trapped and couldn’t find a reason to keep our crazy ideas alive. So let today be the day you dust off the corners of your mind and start stacking up your ideas like boxes of Christmas ornaments. You know they are there, you know they are stacking up, and you KNOW you will get them out when the time is right. Do something, and if that doesn’t work, do something else. The point is to do and keep doing, action cures fear…and adventure makes life worth living!

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