Where Kindness & the Truth Work Together

Gel Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Herbert Spencer

We have a Japanese maple tree in our back area and it is bright, flame red! Each Fall it turns this color and tells us that all things change. The color is glorious and a reminder that showing what you have inside encourages, ignites and brings joy to others even simply by being yourself. In a world trying to get us to embrace trends and the latest, greatest “thing” it is nice to know that some things remain consistently amazing year after year. Even a tree has the power to be bold!

Be Bold! And when you feel your courage waffling, be bold! These words are over one hundred years old and they still hold true for us all. Whether it is in our work, our play, our family or our community most great things happen when someone exhibits the courage to be bold! Our world needs bold people in all walks of life, of all sizes, shapes and colors. We need to be bold in our beliefs, our practices, our habits and in believing in ourselves. And we need to be reminded that being bold can be who we are, even if we do not “feel” bold every day when we get out of bed. Just by being ourselves we have the power to bring to the world color, excitement even pure joy simply by being ourselves.

Let today be the day you act bold. That may mean speaking up with a new idea or in a meeting when before you may have just kept quiet. It means standing tall and being your true self, not the self everyone THINKS you should be. It means being bold when bold may not be popular or wanted, or even invited. Bold is not being rude or cruel, it is speaking the truth in such a way that kindness and firmness work together to bring your idea to life. Bold may mean steeping up or stepping back, it may mean change or even cleansing ourselves of what we thought our life should be. The point is to live bold me must act with boldness without losing our true self or the truth of why we want or need to be bold. Maybe today is a day that needs for you to be bold. Be Bold, be bold, and EVERYWHERE be bold!

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