Don’t Go For Second Best

Inktober 2021: Day 16 – Madonna lyrics

I was in high school when Madonna hit the charts. She was an explosion of energy, creativity and she wrote songs that made us think and act differently. In this song Express Yourself she reminds us about the things that make love true and powerful. Which means we have to be honest with ourselves about what we do, who we do it with and how that lasts long term. Madonna has been reinventing herself for more than forty years and still has the power to pull out all the stops. She is never afraid to reflect, reinvent and challenge her self to do better.

I covered my office with post it notes this week, big ones, small ones, blank ones and ones filled with writing. I’m working on a new project, something I have never done before. I’m excited and filled with ideas, while realizing my own limitations and frailties. New isn’t always better and old does not always mean out of date. The best leaders, implementers, team players and newbies know it takes courage to look at what is happening. It takes guts to flip an idea or treasured process on it’s head and give it a once over. Change is great, yet change simply for the sake of change takes a lot of valuable energy and puts it into the wrong places. Wisdom says review, prioritize AND choose your changes wisely. Sometimes the best path is no change, slow change or behind the scene changes no one really feels.

Fall is upon us which means weather changes, light changes, and a parade of holidays. Whether we like it or not change is here and will continue until the new year rolls around. Pick one and make it a good one. Something you have been meaning to do, something that needs to be reviewed and change it. Make it better. Just one. Do it well, do it right and bathe in the glory that is a successful change. And if you feel the notion, change something else. End this strange and weird year on a good note, one that makes you feel better by making your own world better. Never be afraid to put your world to the test…as Madonna would say, don’t go for second best.

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