Let Out Your Inner Fireworks

Inktober 2021: Day 15 – Katy Perry lyrics

It is week forty in our fifty week calligraphy challenge, and the prompt was “fireworks”. Anything to do with that topic or inspired by it. I instantly thought of the Katy Perry song Fireworks and could not stop humming the tune. So I did this piece, which is really a two-fer…it hits both my Inktober theme of female song writers AND fulfills the prompt for the group. I love it when a plan comes together. I utilized a lot of glitter and bright colors to emphasize the feeling of an explosion. I used the flash on my phone when talking the photograph…I think it really helped emphasize the sparkle!

This was one of Katy Perry’s breakout hits. She rocked the world with her wild outfits and relatable lyrics. She reminds us to never let our emotions minimize our value, our worth, or our courage. She grew up as a Pastor’s daughter so people had expectations of the type of music she should perform. Instead she used her voice to be original, mind blowing and say exactly what she was feeling, thinking, and wanting to communicate to the young people of the globe. She embodies the line: ‘C’mon show ‘em what you’re worth. And she has been topping the charts ever since.

Too often we work to fit in, be like the trends, go with the flow. When we were born to do just the opposite! We were born to be unique, gifted, and to change the world by what we can offer. No one wants to blend in with the crowd when it means squelching the ideas and desires all bottled up inside. Eventually the dam breaks and everything comes flowing out. We want to be ourselves and to be loved for who we are not how well we fit into the current mold. Katy Perry reminds us that being a firework is a very good thing. It is powerful, exciting, a gift that brings joy and life to everyone who sees it. Let today be the day you let out your inner fireworks and spread joy and excitement to everyone you meet.

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