Because They Got Their Own

Inktober 2021: Day 14 – Billy Holiday Lyrics

It is one thing to ‘come from’ something, somewhere or some one. Having means, a place to live or positive family roots has the power to set us up for success. It provides a foundation to lean on when times get tough. However it is not everything. We all know people who were raised with every advantage, only to mess it all up by their own actions. Billy Holiday’s lyrics ask God to bless the child “that’s got his own”.

Of all the gifts we can provide for our children, self esteem and self worth are two of the most important. Nothing else matter if that child, who becomes an adult, thinks nothing of themselves or their worth, value, abilities. It can take years to find their own way, their own dreams, their own character. That is time that no form of an advantage can make easier or less full or turmoil. Finding ourselves means knowing what we can do, want to do, were put on this earth to do, and means having the internal motivation to do it.

As adults we often struggle with the same things we did as children, just on a different level or scale. We want to be valued, we want to find our way. We want to do something that matters AND to hear praise and an acknowledgment of our efforts in excellence. We want people to notice us, care about us, to think we matter and are important even if only to a few. We want to know that if we were gone someone would notice, things would be different, and we want to know that each and every day. It’s not being high maintenance or insecure, it is being human. Everyone needs to know that they matter in some way to someone.

Take time today to acknowledge to someone in your sphere of influence that they matter, that they are important, and that your world is better because they are in it. Let them know that you are blessed because they got their own AND that it matters to you.

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