Take Back Your Power and Get Moving!

Inktober 2021: Day 13 – Billy Holiday lyrics

Lady Sings the Blues is an iconic Billy Holiday song from 1956. It is the title song from the album of the same name, and the movie title of her biography. It is in essence her autobiographic track recorded when her voice had degraded and yet proves it’s worth. The recording is actually a mix of jam sessions from earlier tapingS combined to deliver this song to the public. It was her last album and one which is revered with a 5 out of 5 rating.

I love the passion and fight her words deliver. At a time when pain and emptiness consume her, she fights back and “ain’t gonna just sit around and cry”. Haven’t we all felt that way? Overwhelmed and feeling like we just hit rock bottom. The natural reaction is to just sit and wallow. There is indeed a time to do that, and there is a reason, a why, and it does help us let it all out. Then the time comes when we must move on and get going. The time when sitting and crying does nothing but make it worse.

“I Ain’t Gonna”…what a great phrase! It allows us to be defiant and powerful beyond our circumstances. Be it a choice, a forced measure, a change or just something we have to deal with. Telling ourselves we ain’t gonna be run over by this one is a fantastic way to get engaged. We take back our power and our lives AND have a great way to communicate that to ourselves and those around us. Sometimes you just need to say these things out loud, thrust your fist in the air and belt out an emotional Wham!

So get up, get out there and don’t let this one take you down. Shout to the roof tops “I Ain’t Gonna” and let your world know that this is not what is going to make you sit and cry. Take back your power and get moving.

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