Take That First Bite

Ink an Gel Pen on Tinted paper – Words: Anonymous

I have lots of energy, LOTS! Just ask my husband. He calls me Tigger the Energizer Bunny. I do lots of things and sometimes feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew. I read this quote from one of my favorite books and laughed out loud. It’s true, so very true. When we have too much on our plate, when there is nowhere to delegate or a way to delay it, we simply have to start chewing.

Some of my best experiences and career moves revolved around doing things outside my normal role. I never had fear about taking something on that I knew little about. As I worked through getting things done there was usually a wall or huge gap that had to be navigated. It’s that moment when the discouraging realization arrives and reminds you that you’ve got a lot to chew. Ugh! How to keep that moment of overwhelming panic from halting your progress?

How to do it? Like eating an elephant, do it one bite at a time. It helps me to start by making a to do list. Break the to do list into small pieces figure out one or two items that can be accomplished quickly. Do them first which gets the momentum going and starts good vibes. Two done means more is possible so keep going, keep chewing and before you know it the appetizer is done and you’re well into the main course.

We’ve all sort of settled into this new, pandemic altered life we are leading, which means it is time to start tackling those elephants we put aside. They are big, hairy projects we don’t know how to handle or where to start. Best starting point is take that first bite then keep chewing.

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