The Ones Who Will Hold the Bag

Ink on watercolor- Words: JRR Tolkien

Life is a journey and we travel it better when we travel with others. Together we enhance each other’s ability to navigate, process, experience and enjoy all the layers and elements that life provides. Life can be challenging enough without having companions who are not there for the long haul, sometimes we do not find that out until that long haul is staring us right in the face.

I think Tolkien would call these people fair weather friends. When all is going well they are right with you, when circumstances change or the weather gets rough they are no where to be found. It is easy to be a fair weather friend, it can be a real chore to be there when everything is falling apart around you. I’ve had my share of the fair weather kind, and I am blessed to have a couple falling apart around you friends. These are the ones I cherish. No matter what they will show up, they will help, they will be there in any way possible to dig out or sand bag the waters away from the path.

I remind myself to have storm weather friends you need to first BE a storm weather friend. It’s that leading by example thing. Be the kind of friend you want to have in order to have the friend you want to be, and whether they reciprocate or not stick to it, be there in the storms and don’t let the mess get you down. Sometimes all people need is to KNOW that you will show up, then they raise the bar in their own lives and start living out the friendship they have received from you. It’s a risk, you never know who will be there in the bad days. The only way to know is to take a risk and give people the opportunity to show you in their actions. Some will let you down, others will surprise you. Love them both, keep the ones that surprise you in a positive way. THESE are the people who are a good investment, a solid soul, the ones who will hold the bag while you shovel in the sand during the rain storm that is tearing apart your house.

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