This Dumb Blonde Ain’t Nobody’s Fool

Inktober 2021: Day 1 – Curly Putnam lyrics for Dolly Parton

Welcome to Inktober 2021! This is an annual online event where artists from across the globe commit to creating one work of art in ink each day in October. It was started by a sketch artist who wanted to create the habit of creating everyday, it has since become a worldwide phenomenon. There is a set of suggested prompts, however I am going to go my own way for this month’s work. This is my third year and I look forward to sharing these posts with you featuring female singer/song writers.

Leave it to Dolly Parton to make the elephant in the room a hit song. She had published several albums before this one in 1966. Not much success as the recording company was trying to make her in the image of Patsy Cline or Doris Day. It didn’t yield the success they expected. When Curly Putnam wrote this one for Dolly it hit the Billboard charts peaking at number 24. It was her first chart hit and a career of hits was born! It is one of her few hits where she did not write the lyrics. She has written over 3,000 songs and is the most recognized female artist of all time. Not just a dumb blonde indeed.

It takes guts and a strong sense of self confidence to sing, let alone sing lyrics that highlight what everyone thinks the minute you walk into the room. Dolly Parton did that AND hit the charts to defy all expectations. I love that! She stayed true to herself, her style and forged a career that has sustained her over more than fifty-five years. She has built an empire and transformed the economy of the state of Tennessee through commerce, theme parks, community service and a focus on helping people make their lives better. Born one of twelve children she had none of the advantages of her peers, but did not let that stop her. She is truly nobody’s fool…you go girl!

You will be experiencing more of Dolly Parton’s lyrics this month, along with other female song writers. My goal is to bring these women’s words and efforts to light in a new, creative way. Thank you for joining me and stay tuned. You might learn a thing or two AND have a great time humming these songs each day.

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