The Place to be to Get It Done

Various inks on Watercolor Paper

For week thirty-eight of our fifty week challenge we were asked to map it out. Take some time to review the areas of your studio / work spaces and map it to make it better work for your creative style. Several years ago we found four sets of flat files at an estate auction. They were that ugly industrial beige, so I painted them Teal and then added a work top. This is now where I store all my handmade papers from across the globe, and it serves as a fabulous work island in the middle of my studio. To help keep things organized I made labels for each drawer by color then attached them to the metal drawer with magnetic tape.

When frustrated, not sure how to get an idea started, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed I organize. It helps me clear my thoughts and settles me down. Knowing that multiple people in our family utilize the studio space, being organized helps foster friendly and peaceful creating. People laugh at me and poke fun at how everything has a place, I’m used to it. I will also say this is the space where most people end up having lots of fun, fellowship and laughs. The fact that it’s organized helps us all work together and still get along.

Where is the space in your world where you can be you and come up with your best ideas? Something magical happens when we can breath deeply and let our ideas freely pour out of our heads. Having the right tools, the right surfaces, the a peaceful soul is the best way to get things done. So today I plan to spend more time in my creative place and I encourage you to do the same. That ‘thing’ that is bothering you or preventing you from solving your problem may need to be organized, cleaned, then have time dedicated to getting it done.

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