Use Your Words Wisely

Gel pen on Mixed Media paper – Words: Adlai Stevenson

You know these people, the ones who craft their words so carefully that you scratch your head to figure out exactly what they were trying to say. in being so politically correct the truth of their message has gotten lost. You also know the people who’s language is so offensive or hard to relate to that you stopped listening long before they stopped talking. The words both people chose to utilize missed the mark on delivering their thoughts.

Words have power. They can be our allies in delivering just what we want people to understand, or they can confuse or be so bland that nothing other than a wish for our words to end is the result. We need to have time to process what words we want to use. Some people process by talking, others by writing and still others by thinking. Knowing how you process information and best translate your ideas into words is a very important part of being self aware. Knowing how your audience processes is essential in getting your point across.

Words have the power to bond us or break us. They can help people relate to our story, goals and struggles or they have the power to alienate and incite those who hear us. We choose if they are cruel, kind or uplifting. We choose if they build people, give hope or leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. And what we choose and how we choose to communicate our message says a great deal about us, our quest for power or our insecurities.

Today you will utter on average about seven thousand words. That’s a lot of opportunities to bring life, hope, unity and strength to those listening. Process your thoughts, think, then use your words wisely.

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