You Are Worthwhile Indeed

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Sir Winfred Grenfell

We only have so much time to do what we need to do, want to do, and the things that truly bring us joy. Be it creative projects, work, play, family, work, service, exercising or maybe a mid day nap, all of us have the same challenge: what to do with our time. I cherish this quote and I read it everyday (it us on my phone case) to remind me that REAL JOY comes by making better choices.

With all the people I encounter I find that most are searching for two things: who they are (skills, talents, passions) and how do they want to spend, invest, utilize their time. Most people’s personal growth questions fall into one of these two areas. The best people I know have figured out one side of this equation. The totally amazing people I know have figured out both and are successfully navigating a life they have crafted to use both to their maximum.

How do I do what I want using the best I have to offer at my current stage in life? Great question!!! Be it a corporate environment or a creative pursuit or some combination of both, we ALL struggle with being who we are and finding meaning in our lives. Asking that question alone shows great insight, making the time to actually do something to find the answer is the hard part. With so much on our plates it can be challenging to make time to invest in ourselves. Notice I said “make” time as it needs to be intentional and a continual process. We can say we don’t have time when we really do, we just have to act as if we ARE a priority in our own lives.

Maybe today is the day you start being intentional, start being proactive and committed to finding the answers to your two sides of all this. Maybe you already know one side of the questions, so today is a good day to spend some time in the quite thinking about the other answers. Life won’t change unless you actively work to change it. Life can happen to you or with you, around you or because of you. Knowing how you experience real joy AND how you want to to continue experiencing real joy is worth the investment in silence and self reflection. Because real joy comes from doing something worthwhile…and you are worthwhile indeed.

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