Everything Has a Starting Point

Ink on Pastel paper – Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a new day! Hooray for new. Whatever happened yesterday is behind us, so this post is a reminder to us all to let it go. Let yesterday be yesterday, which means we have to stop bringing it back into our today. This is much easier in idea than in practice.

Yesterday was a doozy! It had twists and turns and much of the unexpected that life can pop into our lives. All of which was out of my control, so the years have taught me to get through it, then let it go. Sure there may be residual messiness after the events or happenings, all elements of life have that impact. The to do items sprout and we tackle them one by one. The hard part is not letting all that stuff impact and spread into our attitudes and ideas like a fungus that then grows larger and more invasive.

Letting go means working hard to keep our spirits high. It means walking away when it is no longer possible to buy the story, history, or excuses people spread. It means forgiving ourselves and others with the hope that whatever it was won’t happen again. Because what is any relationships, goal, or day without hope. By freeing ourselves from yesterday we can move forward with hope. We can let our spirits soar high above it all, even if it is just enough to forget the details, stop dwelling on the mistakes and move forward in mental freedom.

So today is another day, another chance to move forward with our head held high, our yesterday left in the whatever of yesterday, and the positivity that today has all the potential it needs to be a fantastic day. Begin it well for everything has a starting point and today is your day to shine.

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