Dare to Believe in the Future You

Gel print and ink on canvas cover – Words: Bruce Lee

I write things down. It helps me process my ideas, release things from being top of mind, and it gives me a safe place to return to when more ideas come my way. That being said I have lots of notebooks on different topics to help keep it all straight. I created a cover for this spiral bound journal as it is all about ideas on one topic. I love the words of Bruce Lee being right there to remind me to never minimize an idea.

No matter how big, how small, how crazy or even how unattainable it may seem, an idea is the beginning of everything. Nothing ever happened without first an idea. Ideas are to cherish, ponder, nurture and grow. They are the doorway to change and a whole new world. When we discount a creative thought we are dismissing an opportunity that may only come around once. I have learned over the years that letting an idea die is like spitting in the face of destiny, once you dare do that it can take a long time for more ideas to arrive at your door.

I have written down things that made my head spin, yet I still wrote them down. That crazy thought opened the door for another idea, then another and still an even bigger idea. Being faithful to the process of writing things down proves to yourself and your mind that you are willing to embrace the unthinkable in order to move through to the believable, the possible and finally the doable. Just because you do not know how to pull it off in today’s climate does not mean time will not facilitate the vehicle to get it done in the future. Dare to believe in the future you that will have a way to execute on that idea which seems impossible today.

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