Our Own Inner Peace Provides the Pathway

Ink on Pastel paper- Words: Peace Pilgrim

Inner peace, what is that really? Does it come when we release the patterns of our day and have the ability to breathe slow and deep? Does peace come from doing the right thing for someone else even if they never know we were involved? Do we feel inner peace when we can face ourselves in the mirror knowing we have made the world a better place? Or does inner peace simply come from knowing who we are and what we want? Or is it some combination of all of these things and so much more?

Driving today I listened to the radio and for eleven minutes all I heard about was pain, strife, debt, fear, anguish and the weather. It was a horrible way to spend eleven minutes. So I turned the radio off. I drove in silence, and within three minutes my breath was slower, my mind was clearer and my thoughts were able to process through my day. It meant being intentional and turning off the thing that was winding me up. I had to choose silence and peace instead of noise and strife. I am a bit uninformed and more at peace; it was a great trade off.

What are you willing to trade for peace within yourself? It may mean avoiding certain people, places or things. It may mean intentionally turning on or off whatever it is that keeps you wound tight. Or it may mean facing the thing you have been avoiding in order to release yourself from the tension and strife. We each have to define for ourselves where we find and protect our inner peace, because if we are not able to make these tough decisions for ourselves how can we be arrogant enough to think that we can tell others what to do? We start by leading ourselves, once that shows progress we are then able to lead others through our own example. It is time that we all become that type of person, the one where our own inner peace provides the pathway for living in peace with others.

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