Thankful For Worlds that Collide

Various Inks &Pens on Watercolor – Words: Ann Bailey

For week thirty-seven in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were asked to create something that expresses why we love calligraphy. I remembered back to my first class in 1989 then looked through the over thirty years I have been hand lettering, and I realized the valuable gift I opened and have utilized ever since. I created this using multiple pens with black ink, paying homage to the way 26 letters have changed my world.

From a corporate perspective I am an executive coach and program facilitator, who understands and carefully employs the power of language and words. The right word, phrase, quote or sentence has the power to stick with people. It can change everything simply by being read or said. I find this a great partnership with my art that revolves around words, which is another thing I love about lettering and design. I get to focus on, review and read thousands of words until I find the one that has stuck in my head. The only way to make it better is to put it down on paper using color, layout and my imagination.

This blog has provided a unique outlet for me to share my art and my thoughts by combining them into daily posts. I am grateful for the challenge, the comments, the encouragement and the work this vehicle has become in my world. Thank you for reading AND I hope that your world is a bit more than you thought possible simply because of these words and letters.

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