And What I Should Do…

Ink on Wet Watercolor – Words: Edward Everett Hale

We all live with that ever lengthening list of things we have to do. Household items, family things, personal to do’s, work projects, even community service and time off fun things. It is an ever growing list that can excite and overwhelm at the same time. I have known this quote for years and stumbled upon it again. It so eloquently reminds me that I cannot do everything but I can do something.

I had lunch with a friend today, it had been almost two years since I had seen her. We caught up and her last year or so has been grueling, on top of all the global pandemic stuff. Jobs were lost, there was a death in the family, they sold one house, bought another, renovated the new house and moved in. There were illnesses – non-COVID – in family members and it is only in the last two months that any sense of calm has been visible. She kept going by reminding herself what she could do and what she couldn’t do, and keeping both of those sides in perspective. It was good to listen, good to hear her relief and good to spend time with a friend. What I can do I should do.

We encounter all sorts of people, to do items, and stuff all day long. If we try to do it all, if we fail to say no or set boundaries then we end up not being able to do much of anything. We are no good if we are burned out, over wrought, ineffective or overwhelmed. By making clear decisions to do the big, important, people changing things first we are truly using our skills and talents to their best advantage. I am only one, but I am one.

So today let me encourage you to take a look at your to do list, at the people around you and their needs, as well as what you need today. Prioritize, find the important things not just the urgent, and find time today to do those things well even if it leaves things on the list for another day. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.

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