It is Time for That “Ut Oh” Moment

Various Inks on Watercolor – Words: John Muir

For week thirty-one in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were given a John Muir quote…The mountains are calling and I must go. Nothing else, just required to do those words. I wanted to create something with texture, so after playing around and testing a few ideas I started writing the word ‘mountains’ over and over again with different pens, sizes and inks. I added the bright colors at the bottom to create the illusion of wildflowers. The quote is written very small in the lower right hand area.

This was a fun experiment with many “Ut Oh” moments. You know, those times when your work has progressed and yet you still need to add to it, so you take a deep breath and hope your next addition does not ruin everything. It is the moment you balance progress with fear to keep your ideas moving forward while hoping your skills don’t let you down.

When was the last time you had one of those? I hope you can remember and were pleased with the end result. I also hope you had one recently where it did not turn out the way your wanted. In both cases you were put in a position to be brave, to learn and to watch yourself progress in your skills. If you have not had one of these moments recently, maybe it is time to start taking more risks, try something new and test your courage and skills. Life is too short to know everything, do the same things over and over again or never take any risks. Live a little, risk a little, test something new out and take the chance to learn something new. Those split seconds of courage could change everything.

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