Choose to See Things From That Perspective

Ink on Pastel paper- Words: Albert Einstein

We all know or have worked with ‘that’ person, Debbie Downer, Doug Doomsday, or are related to someone like them. They can find something bad about winning the lottery and they do not hesitate in any way to share their depressing, doubtful, life sucks thoughts and feelings. Eventually we try to interact with them as little as possible which feeds right into their internal sense of doom. They don’t see the glass as half empty, they wonder what’s the point of having a glass at all, eventually it will break and make a mess.

Einstein reminds us here that we have two ways to live our lives. Which way do you live? Are you “realistic” and enjoy pointing that out to others all the time? Are you always pointing out the down side, the practical side of things even when no one asked? Sure you’re right to do so, they may not know…really? You’re not always right, so give people the chance to ask before you make the effort to pop their bubble. The other side of this coin is to see the sunny side of everything. To take In nothing bad and only send out positive words until no one wants to be around you either.

Life is not an all or nothing mindset, life is about playing the cards we have been dealt and if we don’t like them wait for a better hand, it will come. I think Einstein’s point here is that every day there is a chance to make life better, even if it’s a rotten day. The fact that we are able to take in breath and move means there is a chance and we still have more time to find,e experience and appreciate everything that happens today.

Let me encourage you to stop and think about life as an adventure, one in which you can choose a different outcome simply by choosing a better outlook. Know that you are worthy of the most amazing miracles each and every day if you simply choose to see things from that perspective.

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